Asbury Park Press - Alex Biese - December 1, 2017

"Daniel Katz’s cinematography, working in concert with work by production designer Jennifer Klide and costume designer Carla Shivener, is the key to the film’s quiet success. Together, they capture a rich, hazy sense of times and places remembered; watching the film feels like falling into a particularly troubling photo album from the mid-to-late 1970s."

Boy Culture - Matthew Rettenmund - April 25, 2017

"The film looks handsome and expensive, and costume designer Carla Shivener nails '70s clothing. She nails it as it really was, not as it is seen through a 2017 filter, so some characters might actually (gasp) wear the same T-shirt more than once. The entire retro look of the movie was spot-on, with great attention to detail that avoided super-obvious choices when conveying the era."


The Moveable Fest - Stephen Saito - April 26, 2017

"Lynch is beguiling as Dahmer, both awkwardly charming at times and utterly chilling at others, but the cast is uniformly strong, complimented nicely by the incredible detail of production designer Jennifer Kilde’s and costume designer Carla Shivener’s fine work."


Inverse - Emily Gaudette interviews director, Marc Meyers - May 16, 2017

Emily:  "How did you manage to guide your younger actors into the ‘70s and guide them through these very real roles?"

Marc:  "I’m so grateful to the production designer Jen Klide and the costume designer Carla Shivener, and [the actors] understood the ‘70s just by the world that we were presenting in front of them."


Vulture - David Edelstein - November 3, 2017

"And the fashions!  A shot of the Dahmer family sitting around the kitchen table in their huge glasses could be a museum diorama labeled "Hominis Nerdus, late 20th century"."


Popcorn and Pretension - Jack - October 7, 2017

"It's a totally unique take on the well-trod murderer biopic genre, tonally and in it's production value (which is incredible, by the way, the costumes are DIVINE)"


USA Today Network/AZ Central - Barbara VanDenburgh - November 9. 2017

 "It excels at capturing the era, getting not just the 1970s fashion and wood-paneled interiors right, but the kind of hands-off parenting and schooling that would allow someone as fundamentally broken as Dahmer to fall so easily through the cracks."


The Intestinal Fortitude - Gregmo Roberts - October 13, 2017

"Marc Meyers and his crew are able to flawlessly project the year 1978 around the characters.  From the costume designs to the cars and music, the look and feel of 1978 is authentic.   The references to the era may be subtle, but they are effective establishing the setting."


Akron Beacon Journal - Clint O'Connor - December 1, 2017

"Mr. Meyers took a few dramatic liberties, but remains largely faithful to Backderf’s pages. He and his crew paint an accurate portrait of the late ’70s — the clothes, the cars, the music, the vibe are all spot on."


Geeks Out - Justin Lockwood & Andrew Carrillo - April 27, 2017

Justin:  "The production design and costuming were outstanding. We learned at the premiere screening that they actually filmed in Dahmer's house, and apart from that the '70s period details are totally spot on, and colorful and fun."

Andrew: "Director and screenwriter Marc Meyers transferred the story to the big screen in perfect detail. Everything from the sets and costumes to casting was clearly thought out very particularly."


Take One - John Cheshire - September 23, 2017

"The slightly muted sepia tones of the colour palette not only represent the time period well but also reflect the unsettling and disturbed family network which inevitably pushes Dahmer towards his heinous future. Aesthetically this film not only looks the part but is patched together in such a way that the story draws the audience from scene to scene as if they are the one creeping on Jeffrey."


Birth.Movies.Death. - Michael Gingold - July 18, 2017

"Lynch is surrounded by fine performances, as well as a keen yet understated evocation of the late 1970s."


Fantastic Fest - Evrim Ersoy - August, 2017

"Capturing a sense of small town America that resonates with every frame, the film ambles through the heartbreaking story of a boy who ended up becoming a vicious violent murderer while never resorting to cheap answers or pop psychology."




Variety - Scott Tobias - November 19, 2015

"John Travolta as a charismatic gangster in an impeccably tailored suit."